Terms and Conditions

******Terms & Conditions / Booking Conditions – Best Royal Trips LLC******

Booking Conditions

We believe that you should make the best of our tours and be able to book with us with confidence and a stress-free mind. Our flexible booking conditions have been carefully curated to ensure our customers enjoy the best experience while booking with Best Royal Trips. Our terms and conditions may update and/or change indefinitely therefore we recommend checking our Terms & Conditions page for up-to-date information.

Booking A Tour With Best Royal Trips LLC

Our booking process has been made easy! Simply book through our website, give us a call or chat with our customer service team via WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram and our team will provide you expert travel advice and information prior to booking.

Payment Policy

• Within 30 days to departure – 50% payment and full payment is due 10 days prior to departure.

• Within 20 days to departure – 70 % payment and full payment is due 10 days prior to departure.

• 15 days or less to depart – full payment is required to secure a space on the tour.

• Payment for extra services or optional activities can be made on ground while on the tour (optional activities subject to availability)

• Payments can be made via cash, bank/direct deposit or credit/debit card. Please note that in the instance of making a card payment, card details will only be asked over the phone or upon store visit and NOT via chat platforms. Please refrain from sharing credit card details over any chat platforms to ensure your details are safe and secure.

Guaranteed Tour Policy

• Once you have booked with us and made the required payment (see booking conditions) your tour will be confirmed and guaranteed to proceed without any changes. The minimum number of pax required to operate a tour is 2 and the maximum number is 12 per tour.

Cancelation Policy

• Cancel 30 days prior to departure then 25 % cancelation fees will apply and 25% will be refunded.

• Cancel 20 days prior to departure – 50 % cancelation fees will apply.

• Cancel within 15 days or less – 100 % cancelation fees will apply.

• Best Royal Trips holds the right to cancel a tour within 1 day to departure due to any unavoidable circumstance. In such instances, the passenger/s will have the option to hold the paid monies in credit for a future tour to be used within 6 months of the date of cancelation or opt for a refund. The refund will need to be requested via email – info@bestroyaltrips.com

**If you need to cancel due to an unavoidable circumstance (health, personal consequence or act of God) our compassionate policy will apply. **

** Best Royal Trips will offer to hold the paid amount in credit for a future booking to be made with us anytime within a period of 6 months.**

Refund Policy

• Best Royal Trips will only process a refund should it meet the criteria in the terms and conditions outlined under our cancelation policy.

• In the unlikely event of cancelation or suspension of a tour by Best Royal Trips, you may request for your paid amount of money to be held in credit or a full refund via email – info@bestroyaltrips.com

• Once a refund request has been made, the general turn-around time for a request to be processed will be 5-7 business days. This time is subject to vary depending on the working hours and your queue position when the refund request was raised.

• If you wish to hold the paid monies in credit, then you will be issued a credit voucher where ONLY yourself will be able to travel again with us using this credit voucher.


• The safety of our passengers and staff is our top priority at all times therefore the following information will be mandatory while booking tours with us :

• Passport information – Number, date of issue, expiry date, place of issue. (Scanned copy required)

• Emergency contact info – Full name, contact number and relationship.

• Travel Insurance – Travel insurance covering the period of your tour

• Health Declaration Form – when required for specific tours ONLY.

• All passengers are required to treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times while on the tour. Best Royal Trips will not endorse the abuse of alcohol, sexual harassment, racism, gender discrimination, indiscipline and rude language or behavior. The tour leader remains within their right to remove and suspend any passengers seeing exerting such behavior.

Our aim is to make all passengers feel safe, secured and inclusive while traveling with Best Royal Trips.

Visa’s, Air-ticket’s & Travel Insurance

• Visas, air-tickets and travel insurance are NOT included as a part of the cost of the tour and will need to be organized by the passenger prior to traveling on our trips.

• Visa and entry requirements to each country may differ depending on the passport you hold, nationality and destination. Best Royal Trips recommends checking the governmental immigration websites or contacting the relevant consulate for up-to-date visa and entry requirements.

COVID-19 Entry/Exit Requirements

• Our tours do not cover the cost of any testing/reports/quarantine or any cost that maybe incurred in relation to COVID-19.

• It is the sole responsibility of each passenger to check the entry and exit requirements of each destination prior to traveling in order to avoid any delays, cancelations or complications that may affect your travel due to COVID-19.

Discount / Sale Policy

• Discounted trips will be shown highlighted in the color RED on our website.

• Discounted tours will only be available for booking through a particular set time which is subject to change without prior notice.

• Discounts cannot be combined and may not be used in conjunction with another discount.
• If you wish to book a discounted tour with our travel credit voucher, the remainder of monies paid (if any) will be refunded to the customer minus the cost of the tour.

• Student discounts will apply ONLY once a round of verification has been conducted. You will be required to provide your Student ID card as proof of enrollment.

Travel Credit Rebook Policy

• Passengers with travel credit may re-book with Best Royal Trips within 6 months since the date of cancelation/suspension of a tour.

• Upon rebooking, if the cost of the tour is greater than the sum of travel credit held by Best Royal Trips, then the difference of the price will need to be settled by the passenger.

• The travel credit is subject to expiry within 6 months if not been utilized. Best Royal Trips may make an exception depending on the circumstance upon an inquiry should you wish to extend this travel credit period. *subject to change and on inquiry basis only*


All terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice at any time. Terms & Conditions at the time of booking will however remain applicable for both Best Royal Trips and the passenger. A copy of the most recent terms and conditions will be sent to you via email upon booking to ensure the most up-to-date booking conditions are honored at the time of making a booking with Best Royal Trips.